We offer Services in three very important, yet distinct areas:

All of our services are priced based on the scope and goals of the project, at very competitive rates within the industry.

All projects include at least two hours of initial consultation to learn more about your business.. before we get into the "web details".

Most important - we work with you in consideration of the on-going needs and expectations for your time, costs, and staff involvement. These solutions must work for you for the long haul.

Web Site Design, Maintenance, and Support

  • Site Lay-out & Design - professional, effective designs...that work for your customers
  • Graphics & Logo work
  • - including animations, image scanning, image "hot spot" links
  • Project pre-planning, and establishment of Site goals - often overlooked, but perhaps the most important element of a successful web presence. A site without a master plan leads to a site design which is "pot-luck" in terms of it's effectiveness. This work is a routine element of all of our services.
  • Existing site upgrades, page additions, maintenance, support - we'll pick up where the others left off.

Web Site Operations

  • Domain Name registrations/re-registrations - leave the details to us. You have other things to do.
  • Hosting Set-up, provision, and interface - we'll find and help you manage the right choice.
  • E-commerce solutions set-up, security certificates - there is a bewildering array of products out there to help you sell your wares. We'll simplify it for you.

Web Site/Business Effectiveness Programs

  • Search Engine Placement - focused, effective treatment in major search engines. We will explain the strategies to you, and set realistic expectations.
  • HTML e-mail campaigns - one of the best ways to promote your site. We'll help you set this up and deliver this to your customers.
  • Link Strategy - a coordinated program to enhance the links to and from your site.. the better your links, the more visitors you will have.
  • Site Traffic Analysis - what parts of your site are receiving all the hits, and why? How can we capitalize on this?
  • Affiliate Program coordination - how can co-promotions help your business? Who best for you to use?
  • Marketing consultation - how effective is your current site? What can we do to improve it's effectiveness?